How Does Someone End Up Flying As Cargo? We May Never Know!

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30/03/2009 – How Does Someone End Up Flying As Cargo? We May Never Know!

Every regular flyer knows that airlines move personnel around on their aircraft.  Some fly ‘positive space’ some fly ‘negative space.’  When I have done work shooting for Southwest Airlines I have flown with ‘green passes,’ also known as “Must Ride.”  With a ‘green pass’ the airline has to find a seat for you, even if it means bumping someone else off the flight.

Well this past Saturday a JetBlue ramp handler found a new way to create a space available slot when he some how fell asleep in the cargo hold of one of JetBlue’s Embraer E-190s flying between New York’s JFK and Boston Logan (BOS).

How exactly this employee came to be trapped in the pressurized cargo area of the airplane is still under investigation.   Following the JFK ramp handler being ‘unloaded’ by his colleagues at BOS the Massachusetts State Police Troop F questioned him. Following the State Police interview investigators are still unsure of how a ramp handler could get accidentally locked inside the aircraft by their co-workers.

As odd as this situation may seem, there are other instances of ramp handlers napping inside cargo holds only to find themselves flying along side baggage. The last occurrence from a New York/New Jersey Port Authority controlled airport was back in June of 2005, when a Spirit Airlines employee ended up flying as cargo between New York’s LaGuardia (LGA) and Detroit Metro Airport (DTW).

Happy Flying (hopefully in the main cabin, not the cargo hold)!

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