40 Years Ago This Month Airline History Was Changed With “Concorde”

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31/03/2009 – 40 Years Ago This Month Airline History Was Changed With “Concorde”

Its the last day or March and it would be wrong of me not to mention that this month is the 40th Anniversary of Concorde first taking to the skies.

Concorde…and yes it is “Concorde” not “The Concorde”…was an icon of the skies, the sleek delta shaped wing and needle nose is a symbol known to nearly anyone who has taken to the skies. My childhood was spent watching the wonderful plane on final approach from my bedroom window as is crossed Sunrise Highway headed for New York’s JFK International Airport, and often taking off over the beach where I spent my childhood summers headed over the Atlantic Ocean for London and Paris.

Happy Belated Birthday Concorde…the first Concorde took flight on the 2nd of March 1969, entered operational service on the 21st of January 1976 and was retired on the 26th of November 2003 after 27 years of flying passengers in a Supersonic lap of luxury.

Happy Flying

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(Photo Courtesy of British Airways)

(Photo Courtesy of Air France)


  1. I regret I was never in the elite class that flew this plane. I know the crew was hand picked, best of the best. I saw a documentary once, and many of the passengers flew regularly, like every week. Eventually everyone got to know each other, one big happy family, on one of the most killer airplanes ever! What an awesome sight, even if you only see it in a museum.

    Thanks for recognizing the type, Fish.

  2. Amazing aircraft. I always remember how amazed people were when the concorde flew across the Atlantic ocean in record time (for a passenger aircraft). Pity that it all came to an end.

    I can’t believe that something could not have been done to save it.

  3. The world of flying is boring without Concorde, can’t believe after almost 50 years they haven’t produced a new supersonic airplane. In fact, they haven’t invented anything else exciting since Concorde…we’re going backwards.

    Concorde was a prestige project between France and England, and after 27 beautiful supersonic years, some assholes decided to put these in a museum because they didn’t made a lot profit with it!?? Today everything is about the money, nobody cares about prestige anymore…Who’s stupid idea was that anyway?

  4. Personally, I’d be afraid to fly via Concorde, though I don’t understand why they can’t make a modern, safer edition.. as well as a profit flying them. There’re no doubt plenty of rich asshats out there who’d pay a pretty penny to get from point A to B so quick!

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