iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : All The Countries

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02/04/2009 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : All Countries

Every world traveller, no matter how experienced and knowledgeable, needs to quickly reference a country from time to time. From business travellers to International Diplomats, there are moments when a quick reference is needed, and this is where this week’s iPhone App Of The Week comes into play.

All The Countries‘ by Evolens Productions, is an amazing quick resource of virtually any country you could need to quickly reference. The information provided on each nation is detailed and concise, the only piece of information missing that I could foresee wanting would be electrical power type (voltage and plug type).

When travelling there is certain information that is good to know, such as primary or official language, dominant religion as to prepare for the local customs and cultures, national holidays (so you don’t arrive and find everything closed) and monetary unit used so you can sort out exchange rates.

For journalists, photojournalists, business travellers and those working in the financial sector, ‘All The Countries’ is an excellent resource for finding a nation’s primary communications statistics, primary industries, major trade partners and gross national product.   This information can be handy when quickly discussing topics outside the scope of initial research or engaging in a conversation regarding a new project in a place you are not currently familiar with.

For those who need additional information than provided in the free version of ‘All The Countries’ for US$0.99 you can download ‘All The Countries Pro’ which offers maps, geography, politics, basic history  and other vital information for any traveller on the road.

Since adding ‘All The Countries Pro’ to my iPhone I have found myself using it as a quick reference multiple times during various situations. It is a must have for any international traveller.

Below are screens shots of ‘All The Countries’ from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!
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