iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : GoodFood

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09/04/2009 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : GoodFood

Everyone needs to eat, on the road or at home.   While I have managed to travel around the world in a single trip while eating all my meals in airline lounges and in-flight, most travelers choose to eat somewhere outside of the airport (given the opportunity I prefer to eat outside of the airport as well).

This week’s iPhone App Of The Week is a very useful took for finding food around the corner or around the world, GoodFood by Goodrec.

Goodrec’s GoodFood App is based on their popular web site (www.goodrec.com).   Users of the Goodrec website add restaurants with reviews all over the world.   In my experience the reviews on this site are often quite accurate and I have not been disappointed yet.

Using GoodFood is quite simple.   The GoodFood App is able to determine your location and make suggestions around you, or you can override the function and search a different location to plan a dinner before your arrival.   Once GoodFood has its location information, it gives users the option to select the style of food they’d like to search for, and also limit searches by the price factor of the restaurant.

Once the user criteria has been entered GoodFood displays potential restaurants in two different ways. The two viewing options are a list of restaurants displaying the style of food and distance from your location, the second option is map displaying ‘green dots’ you can click on and display the name of the restaurant.  I find both options very useful, depending on my needs while using the App. While planning ahead I generally use the ‘list’ option, when standing in the middle of a city the ‘map’ options is often the most useful to determine a quick place to find food.

Once you have found a restaurant you’re interested in, just tap on the restaurant’s name and the user reviews will be displayed.

GoodFood is a very useful companion to the widely used iPhone App UrbanSpoon.

Below are 8 screen shots of GoodFood from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!
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