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6/05/2009 – Mountainsmith Lens Case Giveaway Contest!

Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? If you’re a photographer who reads Flying With Fish chances are you’re reading this thinking “Hey, I like to win free stuff!”

What’s the give away? A complete set of brand spanking new Mountainsmith Lens Cases!

This set includes the Large, Medium & Extra-Small Lens Cases. Mountainsmith’s Lens Cases are great for attaching to the exterior of bags, or wearing on your belt, when banging around in less than ideal situations. Each Mountainsmith Lens Case features a dual-density air-hex foam liner than provided outstanding protection against impact to the case. For added security on the trail or on your bag the Lens Case attaches via heavy duty reinforced belt/pack attachment.

So how do you win this set of three Mountainsmith Lens Cases? Well…this contest comes in two parts…the first part is straightforward.

Question 1: What airline in the United States has the term “Valet Check” on its tags.

Have the answer? e-mail me at with the subject headline “Lens Pouch Contest”

Watch out for Question 2, which will appear on Flying With Fish early next week!

Below are two photos of the actual Mountainsmith Lens Cases as they sit on my desk waiting to be given away! (yes, my desk is covered in white seamless paper at times).

Good Luck!

Happy Flying!
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*Lens not included with pouchs — Contest is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Mountainsmith*



  1. Come on….it says so on your website…

    Ok so I will take a stab at this…United Continental and Northwest…at least in my experience. Thats as far as I have gotten.

    and American Airlines…..:)

  2. Ryan,

    Well I’ll give you this, American Airlines is close, but not technically correct.

    There was a second US airline that used the term “Valet” with green tags, but that airline technically ceased to exist a few months ago.

    No one said getting the answer correct would be easy :0)

    Happy Flying!


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