Mountainsmith Lens Case Giveaway Contest! – ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT TO SUBMIT YOUR ANSWER FOR PART 1!

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8/05/2009 –Mountainsmith Lens Case Giveaway Contest! – ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT TO SUBMIT YOUR ANSWER FOR PART 1!

I am amazed at the number of replies I have received for Part 1 of the Mountainsmith Lens Case Giveaway Contest!

Sure only one person has actually sent me the correct answer (and I am being a stickler on a technicality here), but there is still time to revise your answer and try again…ONLY TWO ATTEMPTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

You know you want your set of Mountainsmith Lens Cases, including the Large, Medium & Extra-Small Lens Cases. I find these cases fantastic for attaching to the exterior of bags; other photographers love to wear them on their belt, when banging around in less than ideal situations.

For maximum protection of your gear, each Mountainsmith Lens Case features a dual-density air-hex foam liner than provided outstanding protection against impact to the case. For added security on the trail or on your bag the Lens Case attaches via heavy duty reinforced belt/pack attachment.

For those of you that missed the original post about this contest here is Question 1 of 2 Questions

Question 1: What airline in the United States has the term “Valet Check” on its tags.

If you think you have the answer send me e-mail me at Make sure you use the subject headline “Lens Pouch Contest”

Keep an eye out for Question 2, which will appear on Flying With Fish early next week!

Below are two photos of the actual Mountainsmith Lens Cases I’ll be giving away. They’re just sitting on my desk eager for some photographer to give them a good home!

Good Luck!

Happy Flying!
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*Lens not included with cases — Contest is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Mountainsmith*

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