Air New Zealand’s New Ad Hides Nothing

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12/05/2009 – Air New Zealand’s New Ad Hides Nothing

As the competition for traffic Down Under increases established carriers have watched new carriers pop up, watched as ambitious carriers have begun domestic services in foreign countries and have certainly stepped up their advertising campaigns.

Air New Zealand lead the pack with creative advertising with the implementation of placing temporary ads on the backs of heads. The airline recruited those with baldheads and literally placed ads for their airline on the back of a willing walking billboards head.

Pushing the envelope one-step further Air New Zealand has created a new television advertising campaign that shows the airline has nothing to hide. How does Air New Zealand demonstrate its new ‘transparent’ fares? By having its employees, including its CEO, appear in the ad ‘in the buff.’

I think the ad is brilliant.

You can watch the new television ad and the making of the ad below.

Happy Flying!

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