Mountainsmith Lens Case Giveaway … We Have A Winner!

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18/05/2009 – Mountainsmith Lens Case Giveaway … We Have A Winner!

The other day I placed the names of the contest entrants who had replied with the correct answer to Part 1 and Part 2 of the Mountainsmith Lens Case Giveaway Contest onto slips of paper, it was a short list of four names, and I drew a winner!

The winner is….Neal Lippman!

Neal provided not only the correct answer to Question #2 (the only correct answer provided), but he also provided the even more obscure second potentially correct answer as well!  Apparently he spent the better part of a week researching the odd and obscure to find an answer that is really challenging to find via Google or Yahoo.

What was Question #2?
When Pan Am merged with National Airlines in 1980 what distinction did its fleet of aircraft boast that no other airline in the world could?

What was the correct answer?   Following the merger of Pan Am and National Airlines, Pan Am became the only airline in the world to fly all three U.S.-built wide body aircraft, produced by all three major U.S. commercial aircraft companies.   These three aircraft included
– Boeing 747 (747-100, 747-200, 747SP)
– McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (DC-10-10, DC-10-30)
– Lockheed L1011 (L1011-500)

The more obscure answer? That these three aircraft used three different engine manufacturers. The 747s were outfitted with Pratt & Whitney engines;  the DC-10s with General Electric engines; the L-1011 with Rolls Royce engines.

Congrats Neal!  I hope you enjoy the set of Mountainsmith Lens Cases!

Happy Flying!

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