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22/05/2009 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : iPlaneLive

This week’s iPhone App Of The Week is for the Brits. I know some of the Apps I write about are ideal for North American based travellers, and many are for Global travellers…but what about Apps for the 2nd largest demographic of Flying With Fish’s readers?

Well…this App is for you!

This week’s iPhone App Of The Week is iPlaneLive, by Aspire Media is ONLY for those of you dealing with airports in The United Kingdom.   While there are quite a few very good iPhone Apps for tracking flight arrival and departures, iPlaneLive only provides information for flights arriving and departing from the 13 busiest airports in the United Kingdom.

The airports covered by iPlaneLive are:
Aberdeen (ABR)
Birmingham (BHX)
Cardiff (CWL)
East Midlands (EMA)
Edinburgh (EDI)
Glasgow (GLA)
London / Gatwick (LGW)
London / Heathrow (LHR)
London / London City (LCY)
London / Luton (LTN)
London  Stanstead (STN)
Manchester (MAN)
Southampton (SOU)

While the iPhone App has a few glitches, such as displaying flights from LHR Terminal 3 along with Terminal 5, while searching flights from Terminal 5, the accuracy of the information by iPlaneLive is fantastic.

For arriving flights the estimated arrival time is quite accurate, at times more accurate than the information I have found from ‘official airport’ websites.

For departing flights full status of flights is provided, not only will iPlaneLive display the standard ‘scheduled’ or ‘departed’ for flights that have left the gate but are not airborne yet it displayed ‘Taxied.’ I like this feature as it gives a more accurate depiction of where in the process a plane in while awaiting flights.

So for you folks who fly from, or transit through, airports in the United Kingdom…iPlaneLive is the iPhone App Of The Week for you!

Below are eight screen shots of iPlaneLive from my iPhone showing both arriving flight are EDI and departing flights for LHR.

Happy Flying!
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iplanelive_x01 iplanelive_x02

iplanelive_x03 iplanelive_x04

iplanelive_x05 iplanelive_x06

iplanelive_x07 iplanelive_x08


  1. Hi Fish

    I’ve just discovered your website by following a link to this article. I travel a lot from the UK (usually from Norwich, which isn’t covered by this app) but need a wider range of flight data.

    I have just got an iphone for the first time and am bamboozled by the range of flight apps to choose from. You say above ‘While there are quite a few very good iPhone Apps for tracking flight arrival and departures’ … I wonder if you could tell me which you would recommend?

    Thanks, in hope!


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