iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Airport Codes

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28/05/2009 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Airport Codes

Even the most experienced travellers sometimes need a quick references to airport codes, both to find codes for an airport and to decipher what locations belongs to an airport code.

This week’s iPhone App of The Week addresses the needs of the intrepid traveller with ‘Airport Codes‘ by VersaEdge Software.

There are currently a few airport code iPhone Apps on the market, but what has kept Airport Codes in my iPhone has been not only the App’s simplicity, but its ability to display an airport by airport code; display all the multiple airport codes for a city; display both the 3-letter IATA codes and 4-letter ICAO codes.  While most airline passengers rarely encounter the 4-letter ICAO code, it pops up at times.

While the Airport Codes iPhone App may not be as snazzy as a live flight tracker and some other sleeker Apps for travellers, its importance has been unquestionable on the road.

Below are six screen shots of VersaEdge’s Airport Codes on my iPhone.

Happy Flying!
airportcodes_01 airportcodes_02

airportcodes_03 airportcodes_04

airportcodes_05 airportcodes_06

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