Reminder: As of June 1st (tomorrow) Passports Are Required For Entry Into The United States By Land Or Sea

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31/05/2009 – Reminder:  As of June 1st (tomorrow) Passports Are Required For Entry Into The United States By Land Or Sea

While Flying With Fish rarely if ever discussed land and sea travel, tomorrow is an important date for all travellers entering the United States.  As of tomorrow, June 1st  2009, Passports are required for ALL Ports of Entry into the United States.

For those of you who only fly domestically, but take cruises to The Island and car trips to Mexico and Canada…your drivers license and birth certificate won’t cut it any more. You will be required to present a Passport as of tomorrow.

For United States Citizens there are two options.

1) A traditional Passport Book, which is valid for land, sea and air ports of entry info the United States and around the world.

2) A Passport Card, which is ONLY valid for land and sea entries into the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda.   The Passport Card is NOT accepted for entry into any of the afore mentioned countries by air, and is not accepted by any other countries for sea entries…obviously land entries from the US are only possible between Canada & Mexico (I have also heard from multiple travellers that the TSA refused to accept their Passport Card as valid ID, which is a violation of the TSA’s policy).

So before you fly out to San Diego to spend a day in Tijuana or board your cruise for The Bahamas, make sure you have a valid passport with you!

US Citizens who do not have a passport can visit :

Non-US Citizens entering the United States by Land, Sea or Air should consult their own Government to obtain a Passport.

…In just 9hrs 9min 02sec the borders are going to become much stricter!

Happy Flying!


  1. Some border states also issue Enhanced Drivers Licenses. According to Homeland Security documentation “The EDL is an acceptable stand alone Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant document for entry into the United States at all land and sea ports of entry”. Currently these EDLs are available to residents of Vermont, New York, Michigan and Washington.

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