iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : iMedJet (*DOWNLOAD THIS FREE APP NOW*)

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4/06/2009 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : iMedJet (*DOWNLOAD THIS FREE APP NOW*)

This iPhone App is not really an App of the Week, it is more like an important App that EVERYONE should download and have on their iPhone.

Having briefly works in the emergency medical service field, at both a paid and volunteer 911 first responder, I am a big believer in having emergency medical information at your fingertips.   At home, at work or on the road emergencies happen in the blink of an eye.

Before you go any further go to the iTunes store, or your iPhone’s “App Store” widget, and search for ‘iMedJet.‘  Once you find the App click download and install it…

MedJet, a world leader in emergency medical aero-evacuation, has released ‘iMedJet‘ as a useful iPhone App that puts dozens of emergency medical situations and their immediate treatment at your fingertips.  From the mundane JetLag to open-skin bone fractures, detailed instructions for CPR & rescue breathing to basic cuts and abrasions.

I could go through the whole list of what information is available by iMedJet, but it is so extensive, detailed and well written you should just go download it yourself.

Accidents and illnesses happen and you should be prepared.  Even experienced medical professionals and first responders will find the wealth of information provided by iMedJet to be beneficial.

Have you downloaded iMedJet yet?  No? What are you waiting for?

Below are 10 screenshots of iMedJet on my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

imedjet_01 imedjet_02

imedjet_03 imedjet_04

imedjet_05 imedjet_06

imedjet_07 imedjet_08

imedjet_09 imedjet_10


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