iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Flight Control

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11/06/2009 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Flight Control

Most weeks I my iPhone App of the week is a genuinely useful App for travellers.  This weeks’ iPhone App is useful as well…it is useful at helping pass the time and testing users finely honed skills at landing a variety of aircraft.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is ‘Flight Control’ by Firemint.

Flight Control is quite simple…it is an iPhone video game that puts the user in charge of landing a wide variety of aircraft.  The real challenge is that aircraft come from every edge of the screen and travel at variable speeds.  Single engine propeller planes, twin engine jet airliners, four engine jumbo jets and slow moving helicopters are all competing for airspace on your iPhone screen.  It is your responsibility to keep aircraft at a safe distance, prevent collisions (a collision results in the game ending) and land the aircraft on their designated runways (and helipad).

I admit, I am not very good, my high score is currently 47, which I achieved while sitting in seat 6A on a US Airways A321 between San Francisco & Philadelphia, but the game is slightly addicting.

I am not a video game person.  I have no games on my computers aside from Chess, but for some reason I have been sucked into playing Flight Control on my iPhone…and at times can’t put it down.

Now you can fill those endless unoccupied moments walking from the gate-door to your seat, endless idle minutes standing in line and fidgety periods of your day looking for something to do playing Flight Control.

Below are six screen shots of Flight Control from my iPhone

Happy Flying!








  1. The game is super addictive. I’m currently sitting on a record of 137 on the airfield shown above.

  2. My favorite iPhone game app. Just as I was getting good at the original airfield, they came out with two new airfields. (June 2009). I have new fun challenges!

  3. I am really getting quite good at the “Hawaiian Airfield” … not that I’m admitting that I play it often

    Happy Flying!


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