A Birthday Cake Any Photographer Would Love (You HAVE To Check This Out!)

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21/06/2009 – A Birthday Cake Any Photographer Would Love

I am going to break with how my entries on Flying With Fish are normally written. This entry has nothing to do with travel and barely has anything to do with photography…and while my entries have always only had photos and graphics at the end of the post this one is going to have photos throughout he entry.

So what has caused me to break with the same format I have used to write Flying With Fish since its inception in 2006? Having received the best birthday cake ever from a friend last night…completely made by hand by her! Nothing store bought, no templates, the cake design, the icing details, all one of a kind made in her kitchen.

My daughter Lauren’s birthday was on June 17th (she shares her birthday with Delta Airlines), my birthday was on June 18th (I share my birthday with Southwest Airlines, I’m 4 years younger) and last night at my daughter’s birthday party I was presented with a cake that was an exact replica of my first camera. When I say exact replica…I mean exact replica! Serial numbers matched, dent in the prism, yellow & red lettering on the lens matched, etc etc.


(Me with my first camera & replica camera cake)
So if I can break from my normal format here on Flying With Fish below are sixteen side-by-side photos of my 1965 Nikomat camera and my 1965 Nikomat cake.

The Two Cameras

nikoncake_x01 nikoncake_x02

The Nameplate, Lens Aperture Numbers & Lens Depth Of Field Scale

nikoncake_x03 nikoncake_x04

The Rewind Knob

nikoncake_x05 nikoncake_x06

The Shutter Button, Film Advance Lever & Frame Counter

nikoncake_x091 nikoncake_x101

The Dent In The Prism

nikoncake_x07 nikoncake_x08

The Serial Number

nikoncake_x11 nikoncake_x12

The Sync Ports, Lens Release & Mirror Lock Up

nikoncake_x13 nikoncake_x14

The painful slice of cutting up the cake…but man did it taste good!

nikoncake_x15 nikoncake_x16

Nothing beats a friend bringing you a homemade cake…and its even better what they bring you a cake they made by hand that is an exact replica of your first camera!

If anyone is looking for some amazing custom cakes drop me an e-mail and I’ll send you Melissa Green’s e-mail so you can contact her directly.

Happy Flying…and THANK YOU MELISSA!!!

(PS: As a gift to Lauren, she made her a Mermaid cake, designing my daughter into a Mermaid floating on the waves among shells and pearls. Cutest cake I have seen)


  1. Very cool cake- but more importantly, you also share a birthday with Paul McCartney!! Woo!

  2. You’re welcome, Fish!!! It was complicated but FUN!!! Happy belated bday. And most importanly, I finally made the blog!

  3. To Melissa via Fish. Incredible cake. Must have been hard for Fish to cut and eat. Great art work!

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