Detailed Travel Information & Insights : Where Do You Get This Info?

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7/08/2009 – Detailed Travel Information & Insights : Where Do You Get This Info?

I am frequently asked where some of my travel information comes from.  Not always in regard to what I write on Flying With Fish, but often in regard to comments I make in various places online and commonly while speaking with others in person or on the phone.

The information I quote from personal experience, or through speaking with travellers, comes from a simple self-created resource…my notebooks.  I have previously written about my use of Moleskine notebooks here : 25-December-2007 : Staying Organized…….Three Essential Items

While I am generally a less than organized person (that is a serious understatement), when I travel I have a strict discipline that allows me to keep detailed track of airlines, airports, flights, favourite seats, seats to avoid, etc.

By detailing my flight experiences I am better able to gauge my overall experiences as I travel. When encountering certain media enquiries, or media appearances, having these notebooks allows me to point to specific dates and incidents with accuracy.  Most importantly, my detailing of my travel experience allows me to help others, both travellers and airlines.

The information I catalog helps me discuss certain specific performance issues with airlines and better guide travellers throughout their travel needs.

…so when you’re scratching your head wondering “Where does he get this stuff?” chances are it came from the pages of my 3.5″ x 5.5″ (9cm x 14cm) 192 page Moleskine notebooks.

Below is a photo of the notebook I’m currently filling up and two detailed photos of pages within my notebook. One shows my ‘experience notes’ for a flight while the other shows my detailing of the timing and service flow of each flight.

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