Travel Rants & Helpful Tips To Avoid The Ranting

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12/07/2009 – Travel Rants & Helpful Tips To Avoid The Ranting

Travellers by nature love the freedom of exploration, yet there is often a built up rant somewhere inside them.  Ranting can be a good healthy release when your bags are delayed, your hotel charges you for multiple services you never received, your rental car company has charged you a full extra day for returning a car 30-minutes late due to traffic, and an endless multitude of other irritating experiences on the road.

For those who are prone to ranting as well as those who enjoy the ranting (that would be me) I suggesting visiting the British blog aptly named “Travel Rants” at

Recently Travel Rant’s creator Darren Cronian has put together a simple 10-page guide to reducing some rants this summer with the “Travel Rants Reader Travel Tips.”   During this peak annual peak travel time of the year kicks into high gear, in the Northern Hemisphere, take a moment to download the Travel Rants Reader Travel Tips guide here:

Happy Ranting…ummmm…I mean Happy Flying!

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