The Flying With Fish Timbuk2 Marina Bag Giveaway…The Winner Is…

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23/072009 – The Flying With Fish Timbuk2 Marina Bag Giveaway…The Winner Is…

Last week Flying With Fish kicked off a contest for a Timbuk2 Marina laptop bag giveaway in this post: 16/07/2009 – Flying With Fish’s Timbuk2 Bag Give Away Contest! You Know You Want To Enter…

The Timbuk2 Marina bag, a women’s laptop bag for smaller laptops, was in response to those who felt previous giveaways from Flying With Fish were aimed at male readers rather than female readers.  Honestly, I thought the giveaways were unisex, but what do I know…I’m a guy.   So rather than give away something that was black ballistic nylon, I decided on a red bag with a floral pattern interior If that’s not targeting the giveaway towards female readers then I have no idea how to target a giveaway for the female readers.

In order to qualify for the drawing readers had to answer a single question, in three parts. I was stickler for the technically correct answer, not the answer most easily found on Wikipedia. Of the nearly 200 responses back in I am happy to report that 31 entrants submitted the technically correct answer!

The Questions & Answers Are:
1) Who was the first female flight attendant? Ellen Church

2) Whom did the first female flight attendant fly for? Boeing Air Transport

3) In what year did the first female flight attendant take to the skies? 1930

The answers are in…the correct answers have been placed into a Mountainsmith Tour bag, swirled around and a name has been drawn.

…and the winner is…Kate Medley, a photographer from Mississippi.

Thanks for entering folks!

Happy Flying!

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