The First Day Of School : Three Southwest Airlines Lunch Boxes Take Off

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31/08/2009 – The First Day Of School : Three Southwest Airlines Lunch Boxes Take Off

Three weeks ago I wrote of my kids excitement of coming home to a FedEx package from Southwest Airlines containing new lunch boxes for the boys. You can read about the excitement, and see the photos, in this post: 11/08/2009 – Can An Airline Build Brand Loyalty Through Being Nice To Kids? Yes!

After weeks of anticipation, and the daily question from my son Max if he could put his snack in his lunch box yet…the day has come. Today is Max’s first day of Kindergarten, and all three of my kids have their Southwest Airline’s lunch boxes packed, in their backpacks and ready for school.

Some kids love the first day of school, some kids loathe the first day of school, but for my oldest, Lauren, today is the first day of her last year in elementary school and for my middle kid, Max today is his first day in elementary school.

So with excitement in the air, and an early alarm clock set, the day stared with making lunches, packing backpacks and watching with significant enjoyment as Max finally got to place his brand new Southwest Airline lunch box in his backpack…

Below are two photos of the lunch boxes getting set up to go to school, a quick slide show of Max packing his backpack and a photo of the backpacks all lined up and ready to go!

Have a great school year kids!

Happy Flying!
(I’d like to thank Christi Day at Southwest again for the lunch boxes…so THANK YOU!)




  1. Dave,

    She should be thrilled with the team she works with. If it boosts moral she should contact the airline’s social media team because they are a great group of folks (as are 97% of the other SWA folks I have had the pleasure of flying with as a passenger, occasionally shooting photo assignments for and now dealing with covering the industry through Flying With Fish).

    Happy Flying!


  2. I need to photograph the tags on the handle of Lauren’s backpack with her United 1K, Air France Priority & KLM Club China tags :0)

    …and yea, Max is cute (I may be biased though).

    Happy Flying (even if it is from EWR)!


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