Five Flight Attendant Blogs You Should Read

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01/09/2009 – Five Flight Attendant Blogs You Should Read

Ahhh, the glamourous life of a flight attendant. The joys of effortlessly travelling he world, hob knobbing with interesting passengers and flying when and where you want during your free time…no wait that’s just a really old myth.

What is life as a flight attendant really like? Well it is quite diverse and nothing what most flyers would expect. Find out what life is really like as a flight attendant is really like from these five (well its really six) blogs I enjoy reading on a regular basis…you can also follow each of these flight attendants from all over the world on Twitter.

So…who do I follow in no particular order? Lets find out.

I’ll kick this list off with Heather Poole. Heather flies for a major US airline, lives on the west coast, is based out of east coast, writes her own blog and another blog for Heather also created one of the strangest photographic series I have ever encountered, the “Laviator” series. What exactly is a “laviator?” It is someone who shoots a self-portrait of themselves in the aircraft lavatory, and it is something any flyer should check out for a chuckle. You can read Heather’s blogs at Another Flight Attendant Writing and Gadling’s Galley Gossip. You can follow Heather on Twitter at

When you hear the name The Flying Pinto I am sure you have visions of a Ford Pinto bursting into flames and pieces flying everywhere…well I assure there are no references to exploding Ford Pintos on this blog (if they are there I’ve missed them). Sara, a flight attendant from Boston, who lives in Houston and is based out of Newark (EWR), writes the Flying Pinto. Sara’s blog is varied, interesting and a cross reference of her own musings, interviews with other flight attendants, pilots (Flying With Fish makes an appearance in one of her posts) and is just a very interesting blog to read. So open up your bookmarks and add The Flying Pinto…A Flight Attendant Blog. You can follow Sara on Twitter at

“Tray Table’s” In Case Of Emergency… (Her real name is withheld to protect the guilty) is a hysterical, yet very insightful blog from a ’20-something’ Australian flight attendant, who flies for Aussie’s national flag carrier. I often find myself chuckling at the comments and topics written about on Tray Table, such as “tray stackers” and “When being helpful really isn’t.” For a great perspective from the skies of the Southern Hemisphere you have to read “Tray Table’s” In Case Of Emergency… You can follow Tray Table on Twitter at

In need of a more enlightened view of airline travel? Do you enjoy etiquette, a refined tone and distinction (not that the other blogs I follow don’t offer that), then be sure to read Gailen David’s Dear Sky Steward. I am a long time reader of Dear Sky Steward and love Gailen’s Jettiquette having referenced quite a few times on Flying With Fish and other online content. Gailen has increasingly begun producing video content on his blog that are brilliantly executed. None of this hand-held Flip-Camera content for him, you have to view the videos to truly appreciate them. If the airline industry as a whole would read Gailen David’s blog maybe we’d all be traveling with more comfort and less stress. In addition to Dear Sky Steward you can follow him on Twitter at

Last but not least, I leave you with Heather M’s Another Passport Stamp. Heather is a flight attendant based in Frankfurt (FRA), who flies long haul international routes and offers a frequently unusual view of life and opinions of a flight attendant. How can you not love reading the blog of a flight attendant who writes commentary such as “I have flown with you twice this month. You are back and as welcome as a case of herpes, head lice or a broken middle seat in economy.” Who doesn’t enjoy an excellent command of humour and biting sarcasm? You can follow Heather M through both her Another Passport Stamp blog and on Twitter at

Happy Flying!


  1. […] Today’s guest post on Flying With Fish comes from The Flying Pinto…aka Sara, a flight attendant from Boston, based in Houston, frequently flying out of Newark, who flies for one of the five major legacy carries in the United States. As an added bonus, Sara also happens to be a Boston Red Sox fan. The Flying Pinto was also recently mentioned on Flying With Fish in this post 01/09/2009 – Five Flight Attendant Blogs You Should Read […]


  1. Thank you for the kind words about my blog!! Now I feel I must be especially clever about my next post, ‘the man who could not let me pass without a comment’ . Now I am off to repair my skirt before my flight home. Happy flying!!!

  2. You write a great blog, I was happy to mention it!

    As for the torn skirt, try Might Mendit ( Its not nearly as great as it looks on the infomercial, but for a quick fix in a hurry it seems to do the trick until you can stitch it up.

    Happy Flying!


  3. You should consider following Catherine Caldwell’s blog. She is an international flight attendant and she is just starting blogging. . But more interesting is her first book. I read it, loved it, and think that it is a cut above all other flight attendant books I have read. Take a look.

  4. I to read blogs written by Flight Attendants. I found your blog and one called also written by a Flight Attendant. I have added both to my list of favorites. Thanks for the list of Flight Attendant Blogs.

  5. Hi this might be of interest to you. ~ After nearly 30 years in the airline industry, I decided to step out of my “Stewardess Sandbox,” take off my “Super Stew” cape and do something fresh and creative. So, I sharpened my pencil & began to compile my quirky thoughts, wacky travel stories, inside secrets …toss in a twist of humor and compile a “comic book” of relief about the topsy – turvey and ever changing life of, “The Traveling Stewardess!” “How to Do a Stew” is filled with illustrated cartoons and non-stop fun… & highly recommended for anyone who has loved, would love to love, or think they would love to be a Stewardess! PG -13 Cartoons @ no extra charge! Love to hear from you… Sold through my website, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’d be happy to send you a copy! Thank you ~ Lee

  6. I am a flight attendant and within the last year have started writing a blog, Just wondering if you had ever taken a look at it.

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  8. Without a doubt Heathers blog is the most entertaining out there! And even though Aol owns it does a good job at keeping it personal!

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