What Apps Are On Flying With Fish’s iPhone? Find Out!

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1/10/2009 – What Apps Are On Flying With Fish’s iPhone? Find Out!

As I ease back into getting Flying With Fish back up to running at full-speed I wanted to jump in by answering one of the most common questions I am asked … “What Apps do you have on your iPhone.”

The Apps I have on my iPhone are constantly changing. Some Apps are mainstay Apps, others are more transient as I test them out, some have become must-have Apps others are so forgetful I’ve already forgotten what they are. So rather than detail what Apps I have on my iPhone I figured I’d simply show the readers of Flying With Fish the 160 Apps that are currently on my iPhone.

The first ‘page’ of Apps on my Apps are the common ‘general use’ Apps I use on a regular basis, or that I want to keep handy (such as iMedJet). Pages 2 through 7 are broken out into various ‘themes’ and are grouped in a logical order in which I use them, reference them or track them. Pages 8 and 9 are seemingly random Apps that have no real defined place or order in which they are used. Page 10 contains Apps that I frequently use in my daily life or use for consistent reference.

I try and keep my Apps down to 10 pages, or 160 Apps. At times my Apps have sprawled to 12 pages, but I find anything more than 12 pages of iPhone Apps becomes to unmanageable to organize and access. Some Apps are redundant, those that are redundant are often in place because I test out multiple Apps that are essentially the same to determine which is a more useful App. Once one App is chosen the other is usually removed from my iPhone, with the exception of language translation Apps, at times having two language translator Apps makes life on the road a little bit easier!

So without for those who’ve asked what iPhone Apps I use? Take a look in the screenshots of from my iPhone below.

Happy Flying!

20091001_iphonepage_1 20091001_iphonepage_2

20091001_iphonepage_3 20091001_iphonepage_4

20091001_iphonepage_5 20091001_iphonepage_6

20091001_iphonepage_7 20091001_iphonepage_8

20091001_iphonepage_9 20091001_iphonepage_0


  1. Some good ideas for when Orange (here in the UK) start selling the iPhone sometime before Christmas……I feel a present coming on 😉

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