British Airways Once Again Welcomes Surfers

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5/10/2009 – British Airways Once Again Welcomes Surfers

Last August I wrote about airline fees wiping out surfers and addressed British Airways no longer allowing passengers to fly with surfboards in this post: 23/08/2008 – Airline Fees For Surfboards Wipeout Traveling Surfers?

It seems that a week ago British Airways, once very popular with surfers as they didn’t charge excess baggage fees for their boards, has reversed their decision and is once again allowing surfers to pack their sticks and head for the beaches.

Despite currently states that surfboards are not allowed…effective immediately British Airways is once again allowing surfboards to fly as checked baggage.  British Airways has placed a 6ft 3in limit on the boards at this time, but nonetheless it is a step in the right direction.

For you Euro surfers looking for your next getaway, British Airways services a number of excellent surf cities, including Sydney Australia, Cape Town South Africa, Los Angeles California and Sao Paulo Brazil.

…as for me, I’m looking forward to snow and tossing my board out on the frozen white water.

Surfs Up & Happy Flying!

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