KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Turns 90 – Happy Birthday KLM!

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7/10/2009 – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Turns 90 – Happy Birthday KLM!

Today is a momentous day in airline history…today we celebrate the 90th Birthday of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.    Why is this a momentous day in airline history?  Because KLM is the world’s oldest airline, continuously operating under its original name.

90 years ago no one could have foreseen the changes in the industry, the size and speed of today’s current aircraft and the importance of the airline industry as it relates to how we conduct our everyday lives from taking vacations, to business travel, to cargo & freight logistics…and KLM’s ability to move a single passenger completely around the world in less than two days (of course at least one of those flights would have to be on a Delta Airlines code-share flight).

So for your 90th Birthday I raise a glass to you Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappi (KLM) and I wish you 90 more years!

Happy Flying!

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