iPhone App Of The Week : Associated Press Stylebook

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8/10/2009 – iPhone App Of The Week : Associated Press Stylebook

Every journalist, corporate communications professional and public relations flak I know tends to live by one single “Bible.” This is not a religious “Bible” but more of an essential book for all things grammatical and word oriented.  As a photographer I was never the best resource for proper usage of words, punctuation or grammar (although I know many photogs who missed their calling as word-editors), however no matter where I have worked as a photographer, photo editor, chief photographer, director of photography or contract photographer, I have always relied in this resource…and this resource is now an invaluable iPhone App.

…what is this resource I am prattling on about? It is the Associated Press Stylebook.

The AP Stylebook can be found on the desks, or in the bags, of journalists around the world.  I have multiple spiral bound copies on my shelf at home, including a 1970s edition of the AP Stylebook for Alaska (I have no idea why I have an AP Stylebook for Alaska). When writing captions for editorial clients or corporate clients, I constantly reference the AP Stylebook.

The AP Stylebook truly is a must have resource for all journalists, communications professionals and any photographer creating captions for editorial distribution.  Carrying a book in a camera bag is often not practical, but having access to the AP Stylebook via an iPhone creates an incredible, instantly searchable, resource!

In the past week I have been using the AP Stylebook iPhone App (it was only released on September 24th) it has come in handy dozens of times!  The AP Stylebook iPhone App is available on the iTunes store for $28.99 and is worth every penny for every communications professional!

Below are 10 screen shots of the AP Stylebook App on my iPhone…and I am sure the creators of the AP Stylebook will cringe at my grammar if they read this iPhone App of the Week review!

Happy Flying!

apstylebook_x011 apstylebook_x02

apstylebook_x03 apstylebook_x04

apstylebook_x05 apstylebook_x06

apstylebook_x07 apstylebook_x08

apstylebook_x09 apstylebook_x10


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