Air New Zealand Calls Out Southwest Airlines To “Take It Off”

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15/09/2009 – Air New Zealand Calls Out Southwest Airlines To “Take It Off”

Back in May of this year I wrote about Air New Zealand’s new advertising campaign and in-flight safety video created with staff, and the CEO, wearing nothing by body paint. You can read this post here: 12/05/2009 – Air New Zealand’s New Ad Hides Nothing

Somehow I missed it…but a few weeks ago Air New Zealand has stepped up the in-the-buff campaign with another “nothing to hide video.” This video directly addresses Southwest Airlines’ CEO Herb Kelleher and challenges him to send a Southwest Airlines crew down to New Zealand to co-create the ultimate in-flight safety video. Of course crew members of both airlines wearing nothing but body paint would do this video, like Air New Zealand’s video.

Southwest Airlines, despite carrying more passengers than any other US airline last year, still has the ‘local’ feeling and family touch. Staff and crew are quirky, are enabled to deal with passenger issues, encouraged to have their own personalities and really to enjoy doing what they do.

I hope Herb takes up the offer of Rob Fyfe, Air New Zealand’s CEO, and send a Southwest crew down to Auckland to create a safety video like no other!

Below is Air New Zealand’s message to Herb Kelleher and Southwest Airlines.

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