iPhone App Of The Week : Adobe Photoshop Mobile

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15/10/2009 – iPhone App Of The Week : Adobe Photoshop Mobile

As a photographer I am not a heavy Adobe Photoshop user. I have been using Adobe Photoshop since around 1991, originally with the Mac PowerBook 140, and to me it has always simply been ‘a tool.’  I am not a heavy up-grader for Photoshop; in fact I still primarily use Photoshop CS2 rather than the newer version. As an iPhone user I am not a heavy user of the build in camera, although I do use it to shoot my kids when I don’t feel like lugging a full-kit of gear out with me.

Despite not being a heavy user of all of Adobe Photoshop or the iPhone camera I was very excited last week to find out Adobe had released Photoshop Mobile…so obviously this week’s iPhone App of the Week is…Adobe Photoshop Mobile!

I have played with many photo apps for the iPhone and have never really been happy with any of them. Many photo apps for the iPhone are either limited in use or try to hard to be the full-version of Photoshop.  Adobe’s Photoshop Mobile App is simple, functional, provides the basic functions of Photoshop and is quite frankly what I expected from Adobe in terms of a mobile Photoshop App.

For those who enjoy snapping away with their iPhone, Adobe Photoshop Mobile offers the basics. These basics including cropping, adjusting exposure, adjusting saturation, rotating the images, shifting to black-and-white, soft focus, etc.

With a price tag of FREE in the Apple iTunes Store how can you go wrong with having Adobe Photoshop  Mobile on your iPhone?

Below are 14 screenshots of Adobe Photoshop Mobile on my iPhone…and 16 photos of my youngest son Bubba (no I didn’t miscount, his face appears 16 times).

Happy Flying!
pshop_x01 pshop_x02

pshop_x03 pshop_x04

pshop_x05 pshop_x06

pshop_x07 pshop_x08

pshop_x09 pshop_x10

pshop_x11 pshop_x12

pshop_x13 pshop_x14



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