iPhone App Of The Week : Aeroguidelite

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29/10/2009 – iPhone App Of The Week : Aeroguidelite

Plane spotting; it’s for serious airplane geeks, little kids, every day travellers and anyone who glances out the window while standing in the airport.

Even the most hardcore plane spotters occasionally look up at a plane they know and want more information about the plane they are looking at, which leaves everyone else full of questions about the planes they are looking up at, looking out at and about to board…which brings us to this weeks iPhone App Of The Week, Aeroguidelite.

The Aeroguidelite App is everyone answers to the questions they have about the planes flying overhead at the airport. This simple app provides detailed information and graphics for more than 75 commercial aircraft flown around the world. The aircraft range from common aircraft such as the Boeing 757 to the less common aircraft, such as the Yakovlev 40.

The information for each aircraft is extensive, including wingspan, length, height, range, and maximum take off weight, number of aircraft built, cost and passenger loads.

Aeroguidelite is a great tool for any curious traveller. The cost of Aeroguidelite at the Apple App Store? Free!

Below are eight screen shots of Aeroguidelite, with the Boeing 777-200, 777-300, Airbus A318 and Embraer EMB-120 from my iPhone

Happy Flying!

aeroguide_x01 aeroguide_x02

aeroguide_x03 aeroguide_x04

aeroguide_x05 aeroguide_x06

aeroguide_x07 aeroguide_x08



  1. I can’t get the app to come up in Itunes search. I clicked on the link from the developer and I get an itunes generated message that says the app is not available in the USA

  2. This is VERY odd, I need to email the App Developer. I switched from an iPhone 2G to a 3G in the past week and downloaded a new version of AeroGuideLite the day before writing the review since it didn’t migrate to the new iPhone for some reason.

    I am now seeing the problem in the iTunes US store, I am however able to download it via my iTunes Australia store account…quite odd!

    Happy Flying!


  3. It looks likes the app has been removed from the store. I tried yesterday to download it and kept getting a message that it couldn’t be downloaded. Now today it’s completely gone from the store. Hopefully the app developer can talk with Apple and get it relisted soon as this app is exactly the thing I’ve been looking for to help me with planespotting.

  4. Elizabeth,

    It is quite odd! As I had mentioned, I migrated from an older iPhone to a newer iPhone. In the process for some reason this App was removed from my iTuned and I redownloaded it the day before I wrote it up!

    Happy Flying!


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