Happy Halloween!

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31/10/2009 – Happy Halloween!

I spent a week trying to figure out what I could possibly write for Halloween. I thought about detailing my favourite travel candy (KitKat is the candy most commonly found in my bag in case you were wondering); I started to write about haunted hotels, but that’s just not my style; after a week of wondering I came to one simple conclusion…

…simply wish everyone a Happy Halloween and post a reminder of Braniff International Airways’ wonderful “Flying Pumpkin.” Braniff received the 100th Boeing 747 built and entered it into service the 15th of January 1971, and named it “Big Orange.

So Happy Halloween!

Happy Flying!



  1. Thank you for the BN picture. What a clever idea for Halloween. I am a big BN fan and have fond memories of seeing this plane at DAL/DFW.

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