iPhone App Of The Week : Flight Global News (Two This Week!)

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6/11/2009 – iPhone App Of The Week : Flight Global News (Two This Week!)

If you read Flying With Fish you probably fit into one of three categories, photographer, traveller or airline geek. While my iPhone Apps generally are aimed at travellers and photo travellers, with some exceptions, this second iPhone App of the Week is really aimed at the hardcore airline and airplane geeks.

I may try and play down my geek tendencies in this area…no way, that’s not true, its hard to play them down…but anyway, this week’s second iPhone App of the Week is Flight Global News.

For those if you not familiar with Flight Global (then in all likelihood you’re not an airline or airplane geek), Flight Global is one of the leading worldwide news outlets covering the aerospace industry.

Flight Global’s new iPhone App, which was released yesterday, offers their news stories and social media commentary in one handy App. The primary aspects of Flight Global News include News; The Blog; Twitter Feed; Video Content and the Job Search.

Over the past few hours I have been playing with the Flight Global News iPhone App it somehow managed to work its way from page 4 of my iPhone App screens (I have 11 screens of iPhone Apps) to page 1. The way I use Apps, I keep them organized in a certain way, moving Apps, especially off of page 1, is challenging, but this App worked its way out front in about 2 hours!

If you follow any aspect of the aerospace industry you should probably have this App on your iPhone. The cost of Flight Global News in the iTunes App Store is zilch, nada, nothing…so what are you waiting for?

Below are 9 screenshots of Flight Global’s App on my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

fg_x01 fg_x02

fg_x03 fg_x04

fg_x05 fg_x06


fg_x08 fg_x09

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