Want Your Own Boeing 727? Donald Trump Is Selling His…Cheap!

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10/11/2009 – Want Your Own Boeing 727? Donald Trump Is Selling His…Cheap!

Interested in a private jet to fly 20+ passengers from New York to Los Angeles non-stop? Chances are you’re looking at a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), based on the Boeing 737-700, this aircraft will set you back between US$39mil to US$52mil.

Don’t have a spare US$39mil+?  Yea neither do I, however why not consider a lavish classic, already flying with 23-carat gold livery?    For a mere US$3mil to US$8mil you can purchase Donald Trump’s Boeing 727-23.

Trump’s 727-23 was originally delivered to American Airlines in 1968 (“23” is AA’s Boeing customer code).  The 727-23 has logged nearly 42,000 flight hours, completed almost 29,670 landings and has an interior fit for a king.

Trump is upgrading his aircraft to a twin-engine plane, presumably due to the 727-23 costing roughly US$10,000 per hour to operate, while his new aircraft should cost approximately US$2,500 per hour. Since Trump has added winglets to this 727-23 and had the engines modified at the time of last overhaul in 2006 I’d assume the operating cost has been decreased.

Worried about comfort? Check out what the interior can offer you and your guests:
-Recently refurbished 24 passenger interior in a VIP configuration

-Interior is inclusive of a Master Bedroom, a five place dinning area, two conference groupings, three lavatories, crew rest, aft galley, abundant storage for fine china & crystal

– Interior Master Bedroom with Queen Size Bed, Closet  & Private Lavatory

– Master Bath w/Gold Plated Sink, Deluxe Vanity Lighting, Circular Shower & Ladies Bidet

– Large Seat w/Work Table

– 115v Outlets Throughout Aircraft

– Aft L/H Rear Lavatory, Deluxe Vanity Lighting, Gold Plated Sink & Large Sitting Seat

– Forward R/H Lavatory, Stainless Sink Large Sitting Bench

– Aft Galley, Range Top Oven, Dual Refrigerators, Microwave, Coffee Maker, Double Sink

Personally I like the old three-holer aircraft, but I don’t see this bargain of an aircraft coming into my budget in the near future.

Check out some photos of what could be your new classic private jet below.

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