iPhone App Of The Week : OneWorld Flight Search

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12/11/2009 – iPhone App Of The Week : OneWorld Flight Search

Airlines are increasingly embracing iPhone Apps, Mobile Websites and mobile tools. Among the three major airline alliances OneWorld is clearly leading the way.  British Airways and Qantas released the two first iPhone Apps, American Airlines developed a one of the first mobile-enhanced web sites, Cathay Pacific developed a mobile website as well as a fantastic App that is available for both the iPhone and Blackberry.

With OneWorld’s carriers leading the way in mobile media it should come as no surprise that this weeks iPhone App of the Week is OneWorld Flight Search.

OneWorld’s App was released on 9th of November and I was itching to write about it before I went to bed…however the App was released on Monday and the iPhone App of Week gets written on Thursday.

On first look, it appears that OneWorld’s App is simply for flight searches, and this App offers many flight search options.  Once you dig further into OneWorld Flight Search the App is packed with features and functions that not only enhance the OneWorld brand, but also offer OneWorld passengers a wealth of options and opportunities to enhance their experience.

Within OneWorld’s flight search function, once a flight is selected, users can click “Book Now” in the lower right and airline mobile sites are launched in a browser allowing users to directly book their flights from anywhere in the world.

Once on the road, OneWorld’s App offers travellers the ability to track flights by Airline & Flight Number, or by Route. The option to search by route is a great feature if you’re unsure of a flight number or you’re flying on a code-share flight and unaware of the operating-airline’s flight number.

A quick click on the OneWorld.com link brings users to a page with a wealth of information, which is good for not only OneWorld passengers, but also all travellers. This page provides access to global airport maps, OneWorld lounge locations, as well as City & Weather info (which is handy to get quick info on places you are unfamiliar with) and a currency conversion tool.   By clicking on an airport map, you are also offered a link to the city & weather information.

The Map and Lounge guides are quite comprehensive and very detailed. While I am not generally a OneWorld flyer (No OneWorld airlines currently service either HVN or PVD) I am extremely impressed by the OneWorld Flight Search app.

The OneWorld Flight Search App is functional and practical for all travellers, not just those who frequent OneWorld carriers.   The price of OneWorld on the iTunes App Store?  FREE.

Below are 18 screen shots of the OneWorld Flight Search App on my iPhone…I had to edit this down from 26 screen shots!

Happy Flying!
oneworld_x01 oneworld_x02

oneworld_x03 oneworld_x04

oneworld_x05 oneworld_x06

oneworld_x07 oneworld_x08

oneworld_x09 oneworld_x10

oneworld_x11 oneworld_x12

oneworld_x131 oneworld_x14

oneworld_x15 oneworld_x16

oneworld_x17 oneworld_x18


  1. I can’t believe you gave this application a good review and made it your “app of the week” With the lack of off-line schedules, it provides no functionality that isn’t already available on the oneworld web site. If I have to have a network connection in order to use it, I may as well just go to the web and skip downloading the app. It also lacks the ability to add a flight to my calendar, has no filtering options for the flight search, and in some testing I did couldn’t find flights that I have booked in the near future.

    In its current form the application has less functionality than the same app did two years ago on my old Windows Mobile device.

  2. Dan,

    The App does require a network connection, as do all other airline Apps when it comes to searching for flights, schedules, etc. Having used OneWorld.com from my Blackberry and iPhone as a comparison to the App, I found the App to be an excellent tool for OneWorld flyers.

    Happy Flying !


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