Manchester International Airport…an airport for clean freak flyers

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6/12/2009 – Manchester International Airport…an airport for clean freak flyers

When it comes to needing to use the ‘room-for-one’ I detest airports, train stations, airplanes trains…and pretty much anywhere else. As a traveller I may not be organized, but I tend to be a clean-freak.

So for those of you who are like me who are prone to traveling with Lysol Wipes, Purell and other items to ensure a clean travel experience might I suggest choosing travel with connections through Manchester International Airport (MAN)? England’s Manchester Int’l Airport, which has a “Five Star” lavatory rating employs a team of 300 lavatory attendants to maintain the airport’s 1,479 toilets & 1,021 sinks to maintain the cleanliness and sanitary conditions in its lavatories.

With Manchester Int’l Airport handling approximately 20,000,000 passengers and 27,297 miles of toilet paper annually the airport’s staff of 300 have their work cut out for them on a daily basis.

For you British Travellers, Manchester took the top award for the cleanest public lavatory in the UK. For you international travellers, consider connecting through MAN, its less crowded than London Heathrow and apparently much cleaner as well.

Happy Flying!


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