You Might Be An Airline Geek If… : Aviation Geek Jeopardy Coming Soon!

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8/12/2009 – You Might Be An Airline Geek If… : Aviation Geek Jeopardy Coming Soon!

If you are familiar with comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck,” jokes then you’ll clearly understand the reference to “You might be an airline geek if…”

A few weeks ago I threw out a joke idea creating an “Aviation Geek Jeopardy” tournament. Somehow my throw away joke has turned into an actual ‘game show’ that should occur in January on the popular podcast ‘Airplane Geeks.”  At this time the Aviation Week’s Benet Wilson, a well-known and well-respected walking encyclopedia of airline trivia will be the host.

Over the past few weeks I have looked within my ‘inner airline geek’ to create the questions for two rounds of Aviation Geek Jeopardy and a Final Round of Aviation Geek Jeopardy. While this might seem like an easy task, it has certainly been a challenge.  This seemed like an easy task when I accepted the challenge to create 25 questions per round, but three Final Jeopardy questions (I guess technically they are answers using the rules of Jeopardy).

While the second round of invited contestants is still being selected, the first round of world class aviation geeks presented a unique challenge in finding trivia that would stump some of the best and the brightest…all known for pulling random industry facts out of thin air without hesitation. The contestants for round one are

Brett Snyder, author of CrankyFlier. Brett, a self described ‘Airline Dork’ knows the inner workings of the airline industry, knows facts about airlines most people don’t know exist and has seemingly memorized the route-map for every airline I could think of.

Jon Ostrower, author of Flight Global’s FlightBlogger column and full-time correspondent for Air Transport Intelligence, covers the industry for one of the most well respected industry publications in the world. Jon’s insight into Boeing tends to have industry professionals listening to him rather than official statements from Boeing. Jon is what I would call a ‘special kind of airline geek,’

Dan Webb, author of the Things In The Sky blog, while younger than his competitors is almost universally described as the ‘Future CEO” of a major airline. Dan knows the details of airline passenger numbers and financial reports before many others have even managed to read Page 1 of the press release.

While the date for Aviation Geek Jeopardy is being set for January and the contestants for Round 2 are being selected…I’d like to share the categories with you.

Round 1:
– History
– Liveries
– Three Holers
– What’s In An Airport Name
– AvGeek Cornucopia

Round 2:
– How I Got To The Airport
– Obscure Flowers On Airliner Tails
– Extinct Airlines
– Fatal Incidents
– The Terminal

Round 3/Final Round:
– You Used To Fly Cargo
– Swallowed Up Airlines
– Frequent Flyer Programs
– Airline Arenas
– Fish’s Stumpers

As the creator of the questions…and the judge to determine if an answer if correct and acceptable, I can’t wait to see how the contestants do!

I just hope the Benet Wilson can conjure up Alex Trebek’s condescending tone for all three rounds.

I’ll post the expected airdate when it’s decided and hope you’ll all listen in!

Happy Flying!


  1. Sorry to disappoint Dan Webb, but having extensive airline knowledge and being an airline CEO tend to be mutually exclusive criteria.

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