Flying With Fish Blog Format Change

9/12/2009 – Flying With Fish Blog Format Change

I guess old habits die-hard. Since the start of my blogging, which dates back prior to Flying With Fish, I have always used the same style header. I have modified it over time, but this post is now the start of a new blog format for me.

My previous blogs have all started with

Web:— E-Mail:

9/12/2009 – XXXXXX

…from now on I am removing the rotating web address and e-mail address at the top of each blog post.   We’ll call it a Holiday Gift for Google. By removing this information and simply starting with my headline, Google will be better able to search my posts and help others find the information I write about on Flying With Fish.  Normally changes take place at the start of a new year, but I guess they can take place on a random Wednesday in December as well.

Happy Flying!

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