iPhone App Of The Week : GateGuru

10/12/2009 – iPhone App Of The Week : GateGuru

If you bounce from airport to airport, especially airports you are unfamiliar with, you probably appreciate Apps that can help you find what you’re looking for during your limited time in an unfamiliar place.  While I have written about various Apps in past that offer up diagrams and great information for various airports I have never encountered an App that has not only an extensive database of airports, but also such complete information regarding establishments within each airport. While I’d love an extensive global list…at the moment I’ll settle for an extensive guide to airports in the United States.

I have had the pleasure of using this week’s iPhone App of the week for a few days prior to it release this past Monday, while still a Beta-App. Once I started using App I couldn’t wait to get this iPhone App of the Week written…this week’s iPhone App of the Week is GateGuru.

For me, what sets GateGuru apart from all other airport guide Apps is that GateGuru covers such a wide range of airports, not just the major airports. I was pleasantly surprised to launch GateGuru and not only find Providence’s TF Green Airport (PVD), but to find such detailed information about the establishments within PVD. I know of no other iPhone airport guide App that lists smaller regional airports.

A fantastic feature that truly sets GateGuru apart is the ability to integrate user information. You find user integrating in everything from restaurant guide apps to pubic restroom guide apps, but not airport apps. Users can rate restaurants, shops, etc, as well as add their reviews. While no two people have the same opinion GateGuru appears to have a bit of a safety net built in to prevent users from posting multiple reviews and spamming an establishment they may dislike…or beefing up the reviews of an establishment they do like.  While the App is new, so reviews may be scarce, they are likely to grow, and I have been adding reviews for certain restaurants in airports I am familiar with.

The complete scope of detailed information available from GateGuru is fantastic and it is an absolute must have for any road-warrior traveling in the United States.

You can fine GateGuru on Twitter at @GateGuruApp.

Below are 12 screens shots of GateGuru from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!
gateguru_x01 gateguru_x02

gateguru_x03 gateguru_x04

gateguru_x05 gateguru_x06

gateguru_x07 gateguru_x08

gateguru_x09 gateguru_x10

gateguru_x11 gateguru_x12



  1. Gate Guru: Nice App. Needs a little flexibility if you live near multiple airports. Insists on putting me at LGA when EWR is where I leave from 99% of the time. While it does a nice job with the airport amenities, it would be great to have a section about the airports themselves. Tips about how to, say, get from terminal E at IAH to Terminal B, and the like.

  2. Ken,

    I agree, flexibility would be nice, however I think the App is designed to be used while standing in the airport. My ‘home airport’ does not appear, Tweed-New Haven (HVN) … but then again HVN has 3 vending machine (although it might be 2 now) and that is it for options…but checking other airports I know well I have looked into the Apps accuracy and its on the money for each of those airports.

    If you have suggestions, you’ll find an option within the App its self to send suggestions to the creator. I think that is a great feature for giving the folks at GateGuruApp real-time feedback,

    Happy Flying!


  3. Gateguru has a nice user interface but to say it has the best coverage of all airport guide apps is not close to correct. Gateguru lists only US airports, and not even all of them. Whereas the restaurants and shops are well covered, there are no other data for airports available, such as ground transport options, airlines served, etc. And there are no terminal maps either.
    One app that has all this plus extensive coverage worldwide is iFly Pro. Check it out, and decide…

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