iPhone App Of The Week : News Feed Elite

17/12/2009 – iPhone App Of The Week : News Feed Elite

Waking up in the morning, sitting at the gate, stuck on a delayed train; standing in line for a donut I tend to do one thing, read the news. One of the first Apps downloaded to my iPhone was from the Associated Press, and it was a great App but it left me wanting more. Why more? Because more news equals better news.

This week’s phone App of the Week offers one-touch options for global news, national news, regional news, technology news and entertainment news.  This week’s iPhone App of the Week is News Feed Elite.

News Feed Elite is simple, it provides instant access to more mobile news sites that most people probably need in a single icon on their iPhone. News Feed Elite allows news junkies access to click through mobile sites as well as search all of those news sites.

For users seeking a tailored experience News Feed Elite allows for an Instant Paper delivery option. While I prefer to search my news on a keyword basis or browse individual news site home pages via News Feed Elite, the Instant Paper function is great for quick news on the run.

At US$1.99 News Feed Elite is a fantastic iPhone App for any news junkie.

Below are four screen shots of News Feed Elite on my iPhone.

Happy Flying!
newsfeed_x01 newsfeed_x02

newsfeed_x03 newsfeed_x04

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