Flying With Fish Builds

22/12/2009 – Flying With Fish Builds

Over the past few days I have been distracted from Flying With Fish to undertake the creation of an entirely new blog.   This new blog is not mine…well it is mine for the next few weeks…the blog is that of the largest airline in Europe and the fifth largest airline in the world.

What airline gave me the keys to their blog?  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

KLM’s blog
was built from the ground up and launched within 26 hours, not an easy task when working with a large corporation.

I plan to straddle between & Flying With Fish for the next three weeks and hopefully create interesting and informative content for both blogs simultaneously.

While you are checking out, considering following KLM on Twitter at @KLM and @KLM_UK

…now back to figuring out how to read Dutch…

Happy Flying!



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