Free Custom Luggage Tags from KLM

22/12/2009 – Free Custom Luggage Tags from KLM

While I am working with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to build their blog I do not plan on producing much day-to-day cross over posts. I’d like to keep the content separate…however how can I resist cross posting the free luggage tag offer?

If you travel you probably have a collection of luggage tags in a drawer, on your bag or sitting in an unorganized pile in the corner of your desk.  If you’re looking to add to your collection (and who isn’t?) KLM is offering free customizable luggage tags for residents of the United States, Canada & Mexico.

For me, this is not the first time I have taken advantage of KLM’s free bag tags. Quite a while back, before I was affiliated with KLM, or even knew anyone at KLM, when I was flying in the back of the plane (actually, I still fly in the back of the plane, I need to speak with someone about that), I picked up a set of free KLM luggage tags as a member of KLM Club China (my daughter still has her own KLM Club China tag on her backpack).

KLM’s free baggage tags are available only for a limited time, but while the offer exists you can add any photo or image you’d like to one side of the tag. About three weeks after you submit your order for the bag tags you’ll receive an envelope with two customized tags.

A helpful tip for making these tags last, it is best to use these tags for carry-on baggage, as they are not quite durable enough for checked bags. To strengthen your bag tag I suggest placing a single piece of clear packing tape over the loophole.

You can order your own set of free KLM luggage tags here:

Below are a few images of my KLM bag tags, as well as the tags for each member of my family.

Happy Flying!


KLM_Tag_2 KLM_Tag_3

KLM_Tag_4 KLM_Tag_5


  1. No, there is no limit per household. You may need to quit your browser and relaunch it before making another set of tags though…but I didn’t say that.

    Happy Flying!


  2. Too bad KLM doesn’t offer this for citizen outside of USA, Canada and Mexico. I thought they were European! *bummed*

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