iPhone App Of The Week : PreFlight

24/12/2009 – iPhone App Of The Week : PreFlight

What is the Number 1 travel question I get from my Mom? “Is there a delay?”

OK granted, my Mom is probably not the primary readership of Flying With Fish, she certainly isn’t the target audience of Flying With Fish and my Mom does not have an iPhone…in fact she still uses a Motorola V551, circa 2004 (Note to Mom, you use AT&T…get an iPhone)

Now…should my Mom actually get an iPhone, what would I recommend for her to download as her first App for travel? Well it would be this week’s iPhone App of the Week; this week’s iPhone App of the Week is PreFlight, from MacEnvy.com

PreFlight offers airport-delayed status for more than 300 airports in the United States. While there are other airport status iPhone Apps, PreFlight presently offers the most extensive listing of airports and allows users to not only see real-time delays as reported by the FAA with real-time status updates, but it also allows users to search specific airports by airport name or by state.

PreFlight’s information includes not only delays, but also real-time weather information and delays for both departure and arrival. Having used quite a few airport status apps, PreFlight has currently replaced nearly all of them on my iPhone.

At just 99¢ you won’t find a better App than PreFlight for finding airport delays impacting airports in the United States.

Below are four screen shots of PreFlight from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

(Edited to add…my Mom read this & emailed the following reply at 12:05am 25/12/09 – “Easier to call you”…Thanks Mom…have I mentioned you should get an iPhone?)

preflight_x01 preflight_x02

preflight_x03 preflight_x04

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