Happy New Year!

31/12/2009 – Happy New Year!

What a year it has been. From airline failures, to airline mergers, airlines changing alliances, the Boeing 787 finally taking flight and more stories than can possibly be mentioned at the moment!

This year has seen many changes in the focus of Flying With Fish and its author.

I look forward to continuing to expand Flying With Fish and providing you all a consistent information source for traveling and the airline industry.

The Happy New Year list is long…so here is my short list

– Happy New Year’s to My Kids!

Happy New Year’s to Addison Schonland & the folks at IAG its been a fun first year!

Happy New Year’s to Benet Wilson & the Aviation Week folks!

Happy New Year’s to Mary Kirby, Jon Ostrower & the Flight Global folks!

Happy New Year’s to Randy Petersen & the BoardingArea Bloggers!

Happy New Year’s to Shashank Nigam & his Simpiflying readers!

Happy New Year’s to the folks at KLM thanks for the chance to build blog.KLM.com!

– Happy New Year’s to the geeks at AirplaneGeeks.com!

Happy New Year’s to the folks at Southwest’s social media (and Paula Berg)!

Happy New Year’s to….wow this list is getting long so…




  1. I love to travel and am currently tring to arrange a handful of flights to Cancun and I get a free trip. I love to travel but cant always afford it. I’ve found some good alternative ways to do it and love to write too. I’ve been toa handful of countries and around the U.S. and live in Griswold, Ct. Hope to hear from you…

  2. The last time that I traveled by air was in 1981. I wore my motocycle jacket and carried no luggage. I caught the “Red Eye” from Cleveland to Bradley.

    $84. No questions asked.

    Haven’t traveled via air since. Not going to travel ever.

    Hellow air-carriers: You screwed yourselves by agreeing to TSA idiocy. I expect that you’ll die one by one.

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