Please Help Support Flying With Fish With A Sticker

1/1/2010 – Please Help Support Flying With Fish With A Sticker

The circumstances of the past week have caused me to view Flying With Fish in a new way. Flying With Fish should be self-sustaining with an annual revenue around $0.00…however the events of the past few days now require me operate the blog in a slightly different manner.

When I created Flying With Fish it was never intended to be a revenue source, it was literally intended to help 10 photographer friends learn to travel more effectively. I had grand plans for Flying With Fish…to have 2-to-5 posts a month on whatever popped into my head regarding flying as a photographer. Obviously the content, focus and audience for Flying With Fish has grown substantially since its humble beginnings being written hastily from my bed while packing for a quick 3 day trip to Hong Kong, Seoul and Nagoya.

Although the Transportation Security Administration has withdrawn its subpoena and is no longer actively investigating how I came to be in the possession of Security Directive SD-1544-09-06, I am now clearly on their radar screen. While I may not see any legal complications in the future, I didn’t see them in the past either.

Certain requirements for maintaining Flying With Fish have changed…and if you find this blog helpful please consider helping me maintain it.

You can help support Flying With Fish by purchasing a 3″ x 5″ Euro-Style sticker with the Flying With Fish logo (which by the way is named Herman). Stickers are US$5.00 (including US mail). If you’d like a Euro-Sticker, the PayPal address is –

(UPDATE: It appears my PayPal account underwent a ‘security review’ on Monday and was closed yesterday for ‘security reasons.’ My PayPal acct has no complaints, no chargebacks, my PayPal card has no disputes, the account is tied to a verified US based back account…but suddenly I am a ‘security risk’ and PayPal will not discuss the details with me or offer a review of the account…I am sure it is a mere coincidence)

The help and support I have received over the past few days has been tremendous…THANK YOU!

Happy Flying!

– Fish



  1. […] If you were interested in this story too or have found that FlyingWithFish to have a pretty sweet blog, you can help! While the TSA had his laptop, the hard drive got errors. He is working to have them pay for the damages, but will need to pay someone to recover his files. Go to his website to order a cool FlyingWithFish sticker or just to donate some money. […]


  1. I just know people will ask me if it is a religious sticker, but no matter. If this helps support Fish, I’m there. 🙂

    I am just up the road in MA, by the way.

  2. I’m going to put my Herman sticker on my roll-aboard so I can get extra attention from our friends at TSA. I’ll be the person getting dragged into extra screening with my fist up in the air yelling “VIva La Fish!”.

  3. I tried to send some $$$ via paypal to get a couple of stickers but it said “This recipient is currently unable to receive money.”…. Bummer!

  4. Dude –

    i know how it feels. They sent a squad to hang around my house and smoke cigarettes a couple weeks ago. (According to the neighbors. I missed them or I would have hauled out the camera)
    Seems TSA doesn’t like the upcoming movie we’re doing. Too bad. They were invited to participate and chickened out.

    Check out the trailer at our website


  5. Greg,

    It appears that on Monday my PayPal account was investigated as a “security risk.” My account is now closed due to being a “security risk.” PayPal will not discuss the details, but the account had no complaints, no chargebacks, the card had no disputes and the account was linked to a verified bank account in the US.

    I am sure it is all a coincidence.

    Happy Flying!


  6. Please post another means of ordering the sticker so support can continue. Thanks!

    The long arm of the law is beginning to make this country feel like those behind the Iron Curtain before it was removed. PayPal?? How incredible!

  7. PayPal goes back to either an EIN or SSN as well as an address and a bank account. Not as easy as it might seem to go undetected.

    Happy Flying!


  8. So with your paypal now closed, will you still be sending out the stickers for those of us that sent in money PRIOR to your account being closed???

  9. Tony,

    The final sticker is being designed, someone is playing with the text. The design will be off to the printer shortly then off to everyone who supported me through PayPal. PayPal may have canned the account, but I have everyone’s contact info and will be sending along the stickers.


    Happy Flying!


  10. Fish…Paypal does this more regularly than you may believe. If they detect a change in the activity pattern the account goes under review and is, more times than not, closed. Here’s a guy who ran into their automaton wall recently:

    Paypal blows chunks and always has. I only use them as an absolute last resort and always have.

    Happy 2010!

  11. Thanks for the info. Make sure to let us know when you get your paypal account out of the impound lot or if you come up with another way of taking payment for sticker orders. I wasn’t able to get an order in prior to the lockdown and I have a brand new Pelican case that looks naked!

  12. Yes, I want to support Fish with a Fish sticker too, please let us know when they are available again. Thanks.

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