Today Is A New Day

1/1/2010 – Today Is A New Day

Today we usher in not only a new month and a new year…but we also usher in a new decade that was brought to us under a rare blue moon.

Last year was not a good year for the airline industry. We watched a number of airlines cease to exist, airline amenities once again were reduced and airfares continued to become unbundled.  Airport security has again come to the forefront of the news, in the United States the Transportation Security Administration remains without a permanent leader. In the aircraft manufacturing sector, Boeing and Airbus had significant sales shortfalls and the Boeing 787 continued to face delays and threats of major airlines pulling their orders.

Given the year we have exited, here is my wish list for what I’d like to see happen in 2010

– The airline industry adjusts its focus on the return to customer service to retain passenger loyalty and return to profitability.

– The airline industry explore ‘reverse unbundled fares, which is the fare passengers see includes everything, then the fare becomes reduced as items are removed to simplify the experience
- The airline industry develop a profitable ancillary in-flight Wi-Fi fee based system

– Airport security become the focus of the global airport associations so procedures become more effective through expansive collaboration

– Airport security turn its focus to more effective methods, including close contact national security agencies around the world.

– The Transportation Security Administration receive a permanent Administrator so the agency can move forward

– The TSA cease allowing ten airports and one heliport to operate airport screening procedures carried out by a 3rd party contract. The TSA was formed to standardize airport security; these eleven departure points continue to operate it can undermine the integrity of the entire system.

– I’d like to see Boeing’s 787-800 (788), registration ZA002, enter service with All Nippon Airways (ANA) and usher in the ‘next generation’ of commercial airliners.

What changes would you like to see in the airline industry in the coming year?

Happy Flying & Happy 2010!

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