iPhone App of the Week : Survey On The Spot (TSA Survey)

7/1/2010 – iPhone App of the Week : Survey On The Spot (TSA Survey)

Your experience at Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints may vary widely from airport to airport and even at different check points within an airport.   Overall whether you agree or disagree with TSA policy the frontline Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) are polite, professional and focused on their jobs.

Have you every wanted to let the TSA know about your experience with the airport screening process without filling out the required paperwork? Well this week’s iPhone App of the Week, Survey On The Spot, gets your experience to the TSA right from your iPhone (or your Blackberry if you’re a Blackberry user).

Using Survey On The Spot is easy; let the App detect your location, which should bring up the TSA at the airport you’re in. If the App cannot detect your location, don’t worry just type in “TSA” then type in your state and city and the survey will pop right up.

The survey of 11 questions can be completed in about a minute and a half…and lets face it if you’re at the gate waiting for a flight, you can spare 90 seconds.

So next time you fly, let the TSA know about your experience through Survey On The Spot.

Below are eight screen shots of Survey On The Spot’s TSA survey from my iPhone as I filled out a survey for TF Green Airport in Providence (PVD).

Happy Flying!

survey_x01 survey_x02

survey_x03 survey_x04

survey_x05 survey_x06

survey_x07 survey_x08


  1. Whoa – wait a minute. After your experience with the TSA, you want people to use an iPhone app that gives the government their location? What else does this app detect besides location?

  2. Survey On The Spot is independent of the TSA…not to mention if you have a boarding pass and are standing in the airport…the TSA knows where you are. The airline knows you are there, your name has been through a DHS no fly or SSSS list and once you get to the plane someone knows you’re on the plane.

    Happy Flying!


  3. Hi Fish, are you taking a break? Your posts have been informative and very well-written, will there be more soon?

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