iPhone App of the Week : The Boarding Pass

21/1/2010 – iPhone App of the Week : The Boarding Pass

An informed traveller is a better traveller…from choosing an airline to choosing a connection hub airports, the more you know the better off you are. While all user opinion websites, message boards and iPhone Apps are subjective; they are still a valuable resource for forming opinions.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is growing resource for travellers…and a pretty darn good one at that. This week’s iPhone App of the Week is The Boarding Pass.

The Boarding Pass offers users a wide range of excellent travel tools. The most obvious benefit to travellers is The Boarding Pass’ users is its star rating system and reviews. The App lists the best and the worst for airlines, airports and lounges, as well as access to the latest reviews with photographs. Photos, for me at least, are an important tool when backing up some opinions, it gives the reader of a review the opportunity to see what the reviewer is discussing, especially when it comes to airline lounges and airline seats.

In addition to traveller opinions regarding airlines, airports and lounges, The Boarding Pass also offers a number of easy to access tools, such as standard IATA airline and airport codes (ie: Jet Airways appearing on an departures board as “9W” and your baggage tag to Kansas City reads “MCI“), a currency converter and information regarding airline alliance frequent flyer programs.

Next time you go shopping for your airline travel iPhone Apps be sure to download The Boarding Pass. Currently The Boarding Pass is free at the Apple iTunes Store.

Below are ten screen shots of The Boarding Pass from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

boardingpass_x01 boardingpass_x022

boardingpass_x03 boardingpass_x04

boardingpass_x05 boardingpass_x06

boardingpass_x07 boardingpass_x08

boardingpass_x09 boardingpass_x101



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