Happy 40th Birthday To The Boeing 747

22/1/2010 – Happy 40th Birthday To The Boeing 747

Forty years ago today history was made as the iconic Boeing 747 took to the skies for its first revenue passenger flight.

While Pan Am had intended for the first Boeing 747 revenue passenger flight to be on the 21st of January, an engine overheating delayed the flight by a few hours, making the first flight the today.

One day late, but still an important moment in airline and aircraft history, Pan Am’s Clipper Young-America, a Boeing 747-121 (N736PA), pushed back from Pan Am’s Worldport (aka Terminal 3) at New York’s JFK International Airport, crossed over The Rockaways heading east over the Atlantic Ocean and landing a few hours later at London Heathrow Airport.

Happy Birthday To The Queen Of The Skies!

Happy Flying!



  1. It is hard to believe that it has been 40 years. Boeing did a great job at evolving the airplane to meet the present day challenges.
    Happy Birthday

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