Its 2:00am Do You Know Where Is?

31/1/2010 – Its 2:00am Do You Know Where Is?

At 1:56am this morning I clicked on to take a final look at Northwest Airlines’ website, when I hit the reload button five minutes later at 2:01am the site was no longer there, redirecting me to

As appeared on my screen all I could think of was this line from The Sound Of MusicSo long…farewell…auf weidersehen goodbye…

In a few weeks it seems the final traces of Northwest Airlines will be gone forever. The “Big Six” is now “Big Five” This is business, nothing anyone says or does can change the disappearance of a once great Legacy Carrier.

In the next year or two we’ll probably see the “Big Five” become the “Big Four” and once again I’ll find myself watching the death of a storied airline…although for me, I really said goodbye to Northwest Airlines back in May 2008 when I flew my last Trans-Atlantic flight with Northwest Airlines.

Below is a screen shot of’s final moments…so…So long…farewell…auf weidersehen goodbye…

Happy Flying!



  1. Steven, if you were trying to cause a case of depression, this one certainly did it. I failed to get a screen shot of the last minutes of I’ll miss it. IT was friendly and easy to get around. Delta should absolutely have turned their website over to the NWA folks, but….

    Life goes on. Just not always real happily.

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