…and we’re back…

4/02/2010 – …and we’re back…

After a week or so of computer transition issues, lost URLs, remembering logins, passwords, installing software, setting up preferences, rewriting and installing Photoshop Actions, attempting to learn Final Cut Express and sending my “TSA borrowed hard drive” off for data recovery (its still out for data recovery) I have moved into a new 13” MacBook Pro (still awaiting the TSA covering the costs of replacing the MacBook they damaged and recovering the data they damaged) …and now I’m getting back to work.

Over the past week or so I have primarily been online, handling email, Twitter and doing much of my work on my iPhone and BlackBerry while getting the new MacBook up to speed…and today I am happy to jump back in and get back to writing Flying With Fish.

On a side note, if Fish v Final Cut Express was a competition, the score would be Fish – 6 and Final Cut Express – 63.

Happy Flying!


  1. Derek,

    I do backup, however I hadn’t backed up in about a full week, and once I had the machine back and started using it again it became apparent I could not back up anything from that week prior to the TSA borrowing the MacBook or once it was returned.

    I also hadn’t Time Machined my iTunes … which is not mission critical, but it annoying.

    I tried to backup using multiple options, the system simply would not allow for backups due to whatever the US Secret Service Computer Expert did to the MacBook. The corrupt volumes and damage to the OS created multiple problems.

    A week worth of work shouldn’t be such a huge deal… except I had just finished up some research and writing two complete project pitches when I was greeted by a dark coloured late model sedan in my front yard.

    Happy Flying!


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