iPhone App of the Week : Southwest Airlines

4/2/2010 – iPhone App of the Week : Southwest Airlines

Airline created iPhone Apps are often run-of-the-mill. A few stand out among the Apps I have written about on Flying With Fish and I have skipped over countless Apps that I have felt offered virtually no benefit to users. This week’s iPhone App of the Week lives up to everything I expected from its creator…

…this week’s iPhone App of the Week is Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is long known as an airline driven by customer satisfaction, their customer loyalty is among the highest achieved by any airline globally…often teetering on cult status… Southwest Airlines was one of the first airlines to embrace emerging media technologies and all of this is evident in its iPhone App.

Southwest Airlines iPhone App is simple, straight forward, extremely user friendly and allows users to book flights, check flight status, book car rentals, manage their Rapid Rewards account, check in for flights, access Southwest’s DING! fares, as well as other useful tools for Southwest Airlines flyers.

Some airline apps often users a lot of secondary travel tools, which are nice, however Southwest Airlines’ iPhone App keeps to the Southwest tradition of straight forward functionality focused on the needs of their customers.

If you fly with Southwest this iPhone App is an absolute must … if you design iPhone Apps for airlines … Southwest Airlines’ iPhone App is an absolute must.

Below are 10 screen shots of Southwest Airlines from my iPhone…DING!

Happy Flying!


  1. If it has your blessing I know it’s good stuff. Thanks for pointing this post out on Twitter.

  2. Southwest Airlines just released version 1.2
    Its fast and has lots more features. Check it out.

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