The 747-8 : The Next Generation 747 Takes Its First Flight

8/2/2010 – The 747-8 : The Next Generation 747 Takes Its First Flight

Today, at 12:39pm PST Boeing’s newest 747, the 747-8, roared down runway 34L and headed into the sky from Paine Field, just one day shy of the 41st anniversary of the first ever Boeing 747 flying.

The new 747-8 is not only the largest commercial aircraft every build by Boeing, but the 747-8F is also the largest ‘Western Built” commercial freighter to ever be build.

So why the leap from 747-400 to 747-8? Much of the technology that is integrated into the new 747-8 is derived from the technology created for the new Boeing 787 series of aircraft. In fact the 787 and 747-8 share common engine and cockpit technology…so Boeing decided to number this aircraft as 747-8 due to the commonality of the two aircraft.

In breaking with tradition with aircraft numbering this aircraft is simply the 747-8, not the 747-800 (previous Boeing aircraft are denoted as -100,-200, 300, -400, etc)

The initial 747-8 aircraft will be 747-8F for freight, followed by the 747-8i, for “Intercontinental” passenger configurations.

Below is some video footage of the first Boeing 747-8F taking to the skies courtesy of David Parker Brown & … Thanks David!

Happy Flying!

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