Manchester Airport Helps Engagement Rings Fly Undetected For Valentine’s Day

A few years ago I saw possibly the worst tourist slogan t-shirt of all time, “London Is For Lovers.” Now granted I love London, but it isn’t a city exactly known for its romance. Despite London’s lack of romantic sense, it seems that a mere 211 miles to the northwest, Manchester may be a better city for the romantics in the United Kingdom.

This year for Valentine’s Day Manchester Airport has created a subtle way for travelers to fly with engagement rings, or other special Valentine’s Day gifts, without airport security spoiling the surprise.

Should a traveler with an engagement ring, or other surprise Valentine’s Day present, have their beg selected for secondary screening following being x-ray’d they may whisper “Be my Valentine” to the security screeners and their bag will be taken out of the public view for a private secondary screening.

A security directive was issued to all airport security screeners stating: “Aviation security officers at outbound control are to inspect passenger hand baggage behind the privacy screen if given the code words ‘be my Valentine’ by the passenger at the point where he/she is advised that further baggage inspection is required.”  This security directive will remain in place until Monday, February 15th.

The creation and issuing of this special Valentine’s Day security directive was explained by Mike Fazackerley, Manchester Airport’s Director of Customer Services & Security with the following statement: “Our security staff are more than happy for passengers to use the secret phrase, especially if it avoids ruining a romantic proposal they had planned. We want to make all of our customers’ journeys easier but also to ensure our high standards of security are not compromised.

In the past few months it seems that Manchester Airport is not only an airport for clean freaks, as I wrote about here, Manchester International Airport…an airport for clean freak flyers, but also an airport that enjoys bringing out the romantic side of its travelers.

Happy Flying!


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