Can Fish Tie Airlines Into Valentine’s Day? He Sure Can!

Admit it, when you think of Valentine’s Day you think of Dallas Love Field before you think of hearts and romance.

OK…maybe you think of hearts, flowers and romance before you think of Dallas Love Field…but Flying With Fish is about travel, airlines and airports…so for the purposes of Flying With Fish lets think of airplanes painted with hearts.

For Valentine’s Day I present to you a few airline liveries that wear their heart of their fuselage.  We’ll kick this off with two photos of Southwest Airlines who’s stock symbol is LUV, hands out LUV Vouchers and they make their home at Dallas Love Field.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Flying!


  1. I am well aware of the classified security information being passed along to TSA front line agents. While eventually 10,000 will have access to the information, presently only less than 300 have received security clearance to access the sensitive information.

    Happy Flying!


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